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glFusion Plugins and Development



  • glClassifieds
    Classified Ads plugin
    Version 1.0.0
  • glLocator
    Locate points of interest within a given radius of your origin.
  • glExternal
    Wrap external pages in glFusion ad apply glFusion's security mechanism to them.
  • glProfile
    Create custom profile fields for site members.
  • glBanner
    Display banner ads on your site. Banners may belong to ad campaigns and published for a specific time period or until a number of hits or impressions is reached.
  • glBan
    An updated Ban plugin for glFusion 1.1.4 and later.
  • glDailyQuote
    Display random quotations on your site.
  • glPaypal
    Allow plugins to present and track items for sale via Paypal. For example, allow users to purchase days of classified ad time.
  • glSubscription
    A plugin to manage subscriptions to site content. Allows for buyers to be automatically added to and removed from groups as they pay for subscriptions.
  • glForms
    Create custom forms to be filled in by site visitors. Uses a simplified form of access control to limit who can fill out forms or view results. Results may be emailed to the form's owner or saved in the database, or both. Forms may be included in other pages via autotags.
  • glWeather
    A basic weather plugin to display current and forecasted weather conditions. Uses Google's Weather API (which is subject to change).

Limited Release

Plugins that are deployed to specific production sites for further testing

  • Photocomp
    Plugin to manage photo competitions. Allows users to upload images and admins to download them.
  • glMailer
    Plugin to manage simple announcement mailings. Includes double-opt-in and throttling.

Under Development

  • glDonation
    A plugin to manage donations and fundraising campaigns. This will become a proof-of-concept for plugin integration with the PayPal Plugin.
  • glLibrary
    A plugin to manage library items (books, equipment, anything else) that can be checked in and out.
  • glWikka
    A port of WikkaWiki for glFusion.
  • lgLib
    A central plugin to handle global fucntions, Javascript and CSS
  • glMembership
    A membership management module. Similar to glSubscription, but intended for club memberships more than site subscriptions.
  • glMailchimp
    Integration with Mailchimp for mailing lists
  • Shop
    New shopping plugin with multiple payment options.
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