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Membership Management Plugin

The Membership plugin allows administrators to track memberships. Members can purchase memberships online using the glPaypal plugin or via manual payments. Members are automatically added to or removed from glFusion groups.

This plugin is similar to the glSubscription plugin, but is intended more or managing club memberships than site subscriptions. All memberships plans are yearly and add or remove members from the same glFusion group.


  • glFusion v1.7.0 or newer
  • lgLib Plugin 0.0.5 or newer

Optional Integrations


The Membership Plugin uses the glFusion automated plugin installer. Simply upload the distribution using the glFusion plugin installer located in the Plugin Administration page.


The upgrade process is identical to the installation process, simply upload the distribution from the Plugin Administration page.


  • Membership is managed from a tab on the user's profile page. No extra administration is needed.
  • Memberships can be paid online via PayPal, or updated manually.
  • Upon purchasing, the buyer is automatically added to the defined “members” glFusion group.
  • Memberships may have optional grace periods. During this time members still have full access to membership privileges.
  • Expired memberships automatically remove the group membership.
  • The membership period can be be “rolling” (started in any month), or may have a fixed starting month similar to a fiscal year.
  • New Memberships can be priced differently than renewals.
  • Accounts can be linked to form a “family.” Membership plans can optionally update the entire family.
  • A utility is provided to import current members from the glSubscription plugin.
  • If the Mailchimp plugin is installed, a change in membership status can update the segment for your mailing list, allowing you to segment your list by Current, Former and NonMember status.
  • A change in status can also update the Mediagallery member-album quota.
  • Positions such as Boards and Committees can be maintained and linked to members.


  • Only one glFusion group may be associated with memberships.
  • All memberships are annual


  1. Create a glFusion group to which members will be added. The “membership Members” group is created during installation.
  2. Using normal glFusion permissions, associate site content, topics, files, etc. with this group, and remove access from “Logged-In Users” and “Anonymous.”
  3. Create one or more membership plan, e.g. “Single”, “Family”, etc.

When a site member purchases the new membership product, they will be added to the associated glFusion group and will therefor have access to the content that is limited to that group. When their membership expires, following the configurable grace period, they will be removed from the group. If the plan is configured to update linked accounts, each member's status is updated automatically.

This plugin will add a message to the user's message queue managed by lglib. To enable the display of these messages, add the “{lglib_messages}” template variable in your layout template.



Mailchimp integration is enabled via the plugin configuration, selecting “Yes” for “Update Mailing List Segment” in the “Integrations” section of the “Membership” configuration. You also need to enter a string value for each of the four member status types.

Then, log into your Mailchimp account and select the list that you have configured in the Mailchimp plugin as the default list. Add a merge field, named anything that you like, with the same four string options. The merge field should be a radio-button type field and should not be visible on the signup form.


The Membership plugin can update the user album quotas for Mediagallery based on changes in the member status. Current and In-Arrears members are considered “current” for this purpose, Expired and Dropped members are “non-members”.

In the Membership plugin configuration, enable “Manage the User Album Quota” and enter a value for the member and non-member quota.

The non-member quota must be a positive number and must be smaller than the member quota. If either of these conditions are not met, no action is taken by the Membership plugin.

Configuration Options

Configuration Options are set by the Membership section in the site Configuration area. There is no config.php required unless you wish to override any other settings.

Member GroupSelect the group that members are automatically added to and removed from. During installation a new group is created called “membership Group” that can be used or edited, or you may use an existing group or create a new group.
Grace days before disabling membershipEnter the grace period for expiring memberships. Memberships that have passed their expiration dates but not by this number of days will be shown as “in arrears” but will still have full membership access. After this period passes, the membership is expired.
Days after expiration when member will be droppedNormally, membership records are kept long after the expiration. This is to determine whether a member is renewing or is actually a new member. When a membership is expired and this number of days has passed, the membership record is removed permanently and the member is considered “new” if they purchase a membership. This can be used in calculating whether the member should pay the “new” or “renewal” rate if they are different.
Round expiration up to end of month?Memberships will normally expire exactly one year after creation, which leads to mid-month expirations. This option allows memberships to expire at the end of the expiration month instead. For example, a membership purchased on July 15 will expire on July 31 of the following year.
Days before expiration that renewal is allowedThis option creates the renewal period. You'll want to set this to some value so members can renew before expiration, but you may not want them renewing too early. 30 to 60 days is probably a good value.
Days before expiration to notify membersThis is the number of days before a membership expires that an e-mail message is sent to the member. Set this to “-1” to disable completely; zero would send a message on the day of expiration. If used, this value should be less than the early renewal value above.
Membership Period StartSelect the starting month each year for the membership to begin, e.g. all memberships can run from July 1 through June 30. Alternatively, select “Rolling” to have the membership start whenever the buyer purchases it.
Application FormSelect the form name from the “Forms” plugin to use as the membership application.
Enable Application ViewingSelect whether members can view their applications from their profiles.
Display glFusion BlocksSelect which glFusion blocks are displayed along with the main membership listing.
Log debugging messages?Select whether debugging messages should be logged to the system error log.
Update mailing list segmentSelect whether the Membership plugin should update your Mailchimp mailing list segment. The Mailchimp plugin must be installed and you need to set up segments at Mailchimp.
Segment for active membersEnter the segment name for Active members
Segment for members in arrearsEnter the segment name for members in Arrears
Segment for expired membersEnter the segment name for expired members
Segment for non-membersEnter the default segment for non-members
Manage the user Album quota?If “Yes”, the Membership plugin can adjust the quota for members, for example giving paid members a larger quota. Members with a quota of zero (aka “unlimited”) are not affected.
User Album quota for members (MB)Enter the quota size for paid members
User Album quota for non-members (MB)Enter the quota size for expired or non-members
Allow Buy-Now Payment Button?If “Yes” (the default) then a Buy Now button will be offered for membership options. You may want to set this to “No” to force the use of the shopping cart, which will redirect the visitor back to your product catalog to purchase additional items such as patches, decals, etc.

Known Issues


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

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