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glSubscription - Subscription Management Plugin

The Subscription plugin allows administrators to create subscription products. As a site member purchases a subscription via PayPal, they will be automatically added to a specific membership group.


  • glFusion v1.2.0 or newer
  • PayPal Plugin 0.4.5 or newer


The Subscription Plugin uses the glFusion automated plugin installer. Simply upload the distribution using the glFusion plugin installer located in the Plugin Administration page.


The upgrade process is identical to the installation process, simply upload the distribution from the Plugin Administration page.


  • Subscriptions will be paid via PayPal.
  • Subscriptions may be manually updated by an administrator.
  • Upon purchasing, the buyer is automatically added to the glFusion group associated with the subscription.
  • Subscriptions may have optional grace periods and minimum early-renewal periods.
  • Expired subscriptions are automatically removed, and the user is removed from the associated group.
  • Users may renew subscriptions at any time. The subscription period is added to the current expiration date.


  • Only one glFusion group may be associated with a subscription option. This may limit its use for Bronze/Silver/Gold-type access levels.


  1. Create a glFusion group to which subscribers will be added.
  2. Using normal glFusion permissions, associate site content, topics, files, etc. with this group, and remove access from “Members” and “Anonymous.”
  3. Create a subscription product and select the newly-created group.

When a site member purchases the new subscription product, they will be added to the associated glFusion group and will therefor have access to the content that is limited to that group. When their subscription expires, following the configurable grace period, their subscription will be deleted and they will be removed from the group.

Configuration Options

Configuration Options are set by the Subscription section in the site Configuration area. There is no config.php required unless you wish to override any other settings.

Show in PayPal catalog?Select “Yes” to have subscription items shown along with other products in the PayPal catalog. Selecting “No” will make these items only visible in the plugin's home page.
Grace Period (Days)Enter the number of days to allow as a grace period. For this number of days after a subscription expires, the subscriber will continue to have access to the subscribed group.
Early Renewal (Days)This option simply indicates how long before a subscription expires a “Renew Now!” message will be shown on the product detail page. The subscriber may actually renew their subscription at any time prior to the expiration + grace period.
Days before expiration to send notificationsIndicate how long before a subscription expires that e-mail reminders will be sent. Set this to zero to disable reminders completely. Only one reminder will be sent.
Debugging?Select “Yes” to have additional information logged to the subscription.log file.
Display glFusion BlockSelect which blocks (left, right, both, none) to display with the plugin's home page.
Product is EnabledThis indicates whether the “Enabled” checkbox is checked by default for new products.
Show Product in BlockSelect whether new products will be displayed in the subscription block. (Experimental)
Product is TaxableSelect whether new products will have the “Taxable” checkbox checked by default. When this is checked, sales tax will be added to the product price according to your store's configuration in PayPal.

Known Issues


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

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