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Photocomp Administration - Events

Most of the administration is creating and updating Events. Before creating an event you should be sure that the Divisions, Classes, Voting Methods, Placements and Sections are set up. Once done, those elements typically require little administration.

View the event listing by clicking “Events” in the main menu. Add a new event by clicking “New Event” in the menu, or edit an event by clicking the pencil icon next to the event.

Actions available from the Event listing (in order left to right). Note that actions are not available if they don't apply, typically because there have been no entries uploaded yet.

Enable/DisableClick the “indicator light” to enable or disable events.
View EntriesClick the picture icon to view the entries uploaded to this event.
ScoreClick the “trophy” icon to enter or update scores for the event. If the event was judged online this is where you will apply the final scoring.
DownloadClick the download folder icon to download the event's entries and a spreadsheet for offline display or judging.
CloseClick this icon to immediately close the event to submissions. This changes the submission cutoff time to the current time.
ClearClick the eraser icon to clear all scoring data for the event.

Event Options

An Event has a large number of options which are explained here. Many of the options have default values entered in the global configuration.
Event Section 1

Event Date

Enter or select the date and time of the event. The time uses the site timezone setting. After this date has passed the event will be include in the winners' list and results page (if selected below).

Submissions Open

This is the starting date/time for submissions. A future event may be created and will automatically open for submissions at this date/time.

Submissions Close

At this date/time the event will automatically be closed to submissions. The submission form will not be shown after this time but there is a configurable grace period to allow for uploads by people who access the submission form very close to the deadline.

If this event is being judged online, this marks the beginning of the judging period.


Text descriptions of the competition venue and location. Optional.


Text description of the competition theme or purpose.

Class List

An override class to be used in place of any section classes. To use the individual section class lists instead, select “Use Section Classes” here.


An override class within the Class List selected above. To allow the users to select classes on the entry form, select “User Selected” here.


Select the sections that are open in this competition, and add an overriding section fee and class selection. The class selection here has no effect if an event Class List is selected above.

Restrict Division

Check this box to restrict entrants to the divisions stored in their user profiles. If a new competition type is created with a new division list, you may want to uncheck this box.


Enter the per-entry and per-event fees, if any. Section fees are entered in the Sections area.

Max Entries

Enter the maximum allowed entries per user per event/section/class. Enter “0” for unlimited.

Max entry size

Enter the maximum allwoed size of the image in pixels. The maximum file size is set in the global configuration.

Accepting Submissions

Check this box to enable submissions, provided the current date is between the “Open” and “Close” dates entered above. This is the same as clicking the green/grey indicator in the event list.

Filename Mask

Enter the mask used to create filenames during download. This becomes the default for the event and may be changed during download.

Pre-register entries?

Check this box if entries will be pre-created for the entrants. This would be true if there is a different system used for entry registration and payment. If this box is checked, entrants will be able only to upload images for the created image records instead of creating new records.

If entries are pre-registered, then only administrators are able to change the section, division and class for the entries.

Enter an optional URL to information about the event, rules, etc. If present a link will be shown in the entry form.

Include in results page?

Check this box if this event's entries should be displayed in the results page.

Include in standings?

Check this box if this event's results should be included in the entrant standings. For competitions this may be checked, but for critiques or other shows it may be unchecked.


Not implemented.

Access Control

Participating Group

Select the glFusion group that is allowed to participate in this event.

Membership Status

If the Membership plugin is used, participation may be restricted to “current” members, excluding members in arrears.

Judging and Scoring

Scoring List

Select a scoring (placement) list, or “Default” to use the section-defined list.


Enter the name(s) of the judge(s), or something like “Club Members”. This will be shown on the winners' list.

Judge By

Select the judges for an online competition. The options are:

  • Offline or None - If the competition is not being judged online.
  • Entrants Only - The competition entrants will judge the images.
  • Specified Users - A selection box will open where you can pick specific site users to be the judges.
  • Group Members - A glFusion group contains the judges.

Online Voting Type

Select the voting method for the event.

Online Judging per Class

Check this box if the classes should be judged separately. Otherwise all entries are shown and judged as one group.

Entrants Can Judge?

Judges typically cannot enter images into competitions. If a designated judge attempts to upload an image, they will be denied. If an entrant is later added as a judge, they will not be able to judge the event.

This override allows for the (probably rare) case where judges are allowed to enter the competition. If the judging group is set to “Entrants”, then this should be checked. The “Interclub” judging method is designed to allow judging by the entrants.

Notify Judges

Indicates whether an email message will be sent to the judges when the competition is ready to be judged. Select either “No” to prevent the message or “Yes” to send the message. Once the message is sent the value is changed automatically to “Already Done” and may be reset by the administrator to force another message to be sent.

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