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Managing Classes

Classes represent the topic or theme of the images in the competition. An event may be restricted to a single class, e.g. “Human Interest”, or may allow the entrant to select any class from the designated class list. See [Events].

Class lists are shown on the left, individual classes on the right. The class list has only a short name (which can be used to control the sort order) and a description. Add a new Class or List by clicking the (+) icon at the top of the list. Edit an existing item by clicking the pencil icon show to its right.

You can enable and disable individual items by clicking the green (if enabled) or grey (if disabled) indicator next to the pencil icon. Disabling a class or list will prevent it from appearing in selections but will not affect events or entries that are already using that item.

Editing a Class

When a class is added or edited, the following fields are available:

NameAn optional short name for the class. If available, this will be used as the filename for interstitial slide images (see [Reports]).
DescriptionA short text description or name for the class. Required
Interstitial ImageYou may upload an image to be used as a class separator when creating slideshows. See Reports.
EnabledIf checked, the class is enabled and available for use. If unchecked it will be hidden from selection options
Long DescriptionAn optional long text description for the class, such as the requirements for the class. This will be used in the interstitial text slides for slideshows (See Reports).

Note that the “Delete” button is only available if the class is NOT associated with any entries. A class that has been used by any entries cannot be deleted (but may be disabled to prevent future use).

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