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Classifieds 0.2 for glFusion released


The second beta of Classified Ads for glfusion is available in the download area.  This version implements several new features based on user feedback, and fixes a few issues discovered along the way.


Some highlights:

  • Submissions now go through glFusion's submission queue
  • A new "classifieds.submit" feature so selected users can bypass the submission queue.
  • A global parameter to allow or prevent users from editing their own ads.  Users can always extend their ads up to the configured maximum runtime.
  • Optional notification to users of impending ad expiration.
  • Simpler permission setup for users.  Only the anonymous permission is selectable, other permissions are inherited from the category.

Complete changelog:

- 0000211: [Administration] Create standalone cron task for purging and notifications (lee) - resolved.
- 0000210: [Administration] Activate category permissions (lee) - resolved.
- 0000208: [General] Simplify user-facing ad permissions system (lee) - resolved.
- 0000196: [General] Switch paging links (previous, next, etc) to glFusion google-style links (lee) - resolved.
- 0000209: [Notifications] User notifications not being sent for subcategories (lee) - resolved.
- 0000198: [Administration] Use glFusion submission queue for new ads (Trinity) (lee) - resolved.
- 0000203: [Submissions] Create feature to bypass submission queue (lee) - resolved.
- 0000195: [General] Page links on Recent listing don't work (lee) - resolved.
- 0000207: [General] Need to allow users to extend ads even if they can't edit them (lee) - resolved.
- 0000205: [General] Add a global setting for allowing user edits (lee) - resolved.
- 0000206: [General] Help screen title is "Array" (lee) - resolved.
- 0000204: [Administration] Add global setting to require login for access to all ads (filipino) (lee) - resolved.
- 0000199: [Notifications] Notify users of impending ad expiration (lee) - resolved.
- 0000202: [Administration] Set up ad purging (lee) - resolved.
- 0000201: [General] Add a "random ad" block (lee) - resolved.
- 0000200: [Administration] Set a max time for ads and extensions (lee) - resolved.

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