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Classifieds 0.1.1 released for glFusion

In response to several suggestions, Classified Ads version 0.1.1 is released for glFusion.

This version includes a name change from "advt" to "classifieds" to better describe its function. The database tables and image storage directory have also been renamed.

As indicated by the changelog below, there is no upgrade function. You should remove the "advt" plugin and install the "classifieds" plugin in its place.


zClassifieds - 0.1.1

Renamed plugin from "advt" to "classifieds". Also a few minor fixes. There is no upgrade from 0.1 to 0.1.1; this should be considered the new "first release".

- 0000192: [Administration] Move path config to glFusion config system (lee) - resolved.
- 0000191: [Notifications] Admin is always notified regardless of submission queue status (lee) - resolved.
- 0000190: [Submissions] Users can exceed the max image count. (lee) - resolved.
- 0000181: [General] Make the purposes of icons more clear (lee) - resolved.
- 0000186: [Notifications] Replace static notification text with templates (lee) - resolved.
- 0000185: [General] Regular users are able to see unapproved ads by specifying the id in the URL (lee) - resolved.
- 0000184: [General] Deleting an image returns to the ad list instead of to the ad (lee) - resolved.
- 0000183: [General] Permissions issue for regular users. (lee) - resolved.
- 0000182: [General] Rename plugin, image upload dir and menu options (lee) - resolved.
- 0000180: [Submissions] Error uploading images. (lee) - resolved.
- 0000179: [Submissions] Display a message when an ad is submitted to the submission queue. (lee) - resolved.
- 0000178: [General] Add category images (lee) - resolved.
- 0000177: [General] Missing images still show "click to enlarge" (lee) - resolved.
- 0000176: [General] Replace text "remove" links with delete icons (lee) - resolved.

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