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GWIASIG Development Halted


According to Novell, "To develop NLMs for the NetWare 5.1 and NetWare 6.x operating systems, you'll need version 8 of CodeWarrior Pro and version 5 of the Add-on Tools for NetWare as well as the latest libraries available from the NDK." Since I don't have a current version of CodeWarrior, and have not yet examined the possibility of using another compiler, no further development will be done on GWIASIG.

The current primary issue is an abend occuring on recent versions of NetWare. This may be tied to the library issue in that GWIASIG is built on the older CLib architecture instead of LibC. Anyone interested in the functionality of GWIASIG should check into one of the alternatives:

  • Footnote
  • Guinevere

GWIASIG is still available as a free download from this site.

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