Locator Plugin v0.1 for glFusion Released


The initial version of a Locator plugin for glFusion 1.1.0+ has been released. This plugin allows the creation of a "store locator"-type of system where site visitors can look up the store or other point of interest nearest to them.

The Locator works with Google Maps to determine geographic coordinates from the provided address, and to present a small map along with each location's detail. The plugin can be downloaded from the glFusion website.


Update:  A configuration issue has been found and a new file has been uploaded to the glFusion web site.  The fix is a simple change to the plugin configuration:

Change "output=csv" to "output=xml" in the Google URL value.  The problem is an incorrect default value that gets set during installation.

Classifieds 0.3 for glFusion Released


Classified Ads version 0.3 has been release for glFusion. This version contains a few minor fixes, but some significant changes to the presentation.

Most noticeable among the changes:

  • This version supports the automatic plugin installer of glFusion 1.1.2 (and is compatible with glFusion 1.1.x)
  • The home page can be displayed as a series of blocks with icons to look a bit more stylish than the old version. 

Check the INSTALL document for installation details.

The Classifieds plugin can be downloaded from the glFusion website (http://www.glfusion.org) at http://www.glfusion.org/filemgmt/index.php?id=270

Classifieds for glFusion 0.2.2 Released

Classified Ads version 0.2.2 for glFusion has been released. This fixes several significant problems found by beta testers shortly after the 0.2.1 release.

- Logged-in users are denied access to ad submission (If updated from 0.1.x)
- Search function not returning any matches
- Random Ad block isn't removed when uninstalling the plugin
- Fresh Installation fails

Refer to the included INSTALL file for updating instructions. Be sure to back up your glFusion database before updating. This release does alter the glFusion database.

If updating from 0.1.x, pay special attention to the UPGRADING instructions in the INSTALL file pertaining to the new table definition in config.php.

Classifieds 0.2 for glFusion released


The second beta of Classified Ads for glfusion is available in the download area.  This version implements several new features based on user feedback, and fixes a few issues discovered along the way.


Some highlights:

  • Submissions now go through glFusion's submission queue
  • A new "classifieds.submit" feature so selected users can bypass the submission queue.
  • A global parameter to allow or prevent users from editing their own ads.  Users can always extend their ads up to the configured maximum runtime.
  • Optional notification to users of impending ad expiration.
  • Simpler permission setup for users.  Only the anonymous permission is selectable, other permissions are inherited from the category.

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Classifieds 0.1.1 released for glFusion

In response to several suggestions, Classified Ads version 0.1.1 is released for glFusion.

This version includes a name change from "advt" to "classifieds" to better describe its function. The database tables and image storage directory have also been renamed.

As indicated by the changelog below, there is no upgrade function. You should remove the "advt" plugin and install the "classifieds" plugin in its place.

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zClassifieds for glFusion Released


The zClassifieds plugin for glFusion has been released as an early beta.  This plugin allows site users to create and search classified ads, and allows the administrator to control categories and moderate ads.

Several significant changes have been made to the original plugin from zScripts.  It can be downloaded here for testing purposes.  Feedback can be left in the Forum.

GWIASIG Development Halted


According to Novell, "To develop NLMs for the NetWare 5.1 and NetWare 6.x operating systems, you'll need version 8 of CodeWarrior Pro and version 5 of the Add-on Tools for NetWare as well as the latest libraries available from the NDK." Since I don't have a current version of CodeWarrior, and have not yet examined the possibility of using another compiler, no further development will be done on GWIASIG.

The current primary issue is an abend occuring on recent versions of NetWare. This may be tied to the library issue in that GWIASIG is built on the older CLib architecture instead of LibC. Anyone interested in the functionality of GWIASIG should check into one of the alternatives:

  • Footnote
  • Guinevere

GWIASIG is still available as a free download from this site.

GWIASIG and NetWare 6.5

There has been a report of a NetWare 6.5 server abending when GWIASIG is loaded. At this time, GWIASIG has *not* been tested on NetWare 6.5. Use it at your own risk (but feel fee to let us know how it works if you do!)