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 ===== Online Judging ===== ===== Online Judging =====
-The Online Judging module ​should allow a selected group of users to enter scores online. ​ The group would be selected during ​the event creation.+The Online Judging module ​allows ​a selected group of users to enter scores online. The judging period begins as soon as the submission cutoff time is reached and lasts until the event date.
-Desirable features include: +==== Methods ==== 
-  * One-click ​judging.  Probably colored icons under each image to indicate firstsecond, etc. +The following ​judging ​methods are included with the plugin and can be configured ​under the "​Voting Methods"​ menu option in the administration area. 
-  ​A lightbox-like interface where all images are displayed as thumbnails and the judge can click on any of them to zoom in or browse+=== Exhibition === 
-  * Automatic tabulation+Judges select a point value to assign to each image. The minimum and maximum number of points can be configured by the administrator. Judges can also recuse themselves. 
-  * Reporting ​for the winners.  ​Possibly look into an autotag ​to easily include ​the winner list into a story or static page.+ 
 +Images may receive duplicate scores. 
 +=== Ranked === 
 +Images are ranked FirstSecond, etc. Scores may *not* be duplicated; if the same score is selected for a second image then the first image will automatically be unscored. 
 +=== Rated === 
 +Images are rated with 1 5 stars. Duplicate scores are allowed. 
 +=== Voted === 
 +Judges vote for only one image. The images are then ranked according to the total number of votes received. 
 +=== Interclub === 
 +Judges rate images. Extra points can be awarded for the judge's own image, if entrants are allowed to judge their own. 
 +=== Preview === 
 +This method allows judges to view the submitted images without voting. A use case would be for the judges to become familiar with the images prior to a physical competition meeting. 
 +==== Event Settings ==== 
 +Judging is controlled by several Event settings. These settings should not normally be changed after the judging period begins. 
 +=== Scoring List === 
 +Select the scoring list to use for the event. 
 +=== Judge === 
 +This is simply a free-form text field where you can enter the judge'​s name or a description of the judging group. It appears ​on the Winners report. 
 +=== Judged By === 
 +Here you select the type of judges, ​or "​Offline"​ if this event is not to be judged online
 +=== Online Voting Type === 
 +Select the voting method (see above) to use for this competition. 
 +=== Online Judging by Class === 
 +Check this box to judge classes separately within divisions. Leave empty to group all classes together for judging. 
 +=== Entrants Can Judge? === 
 +Check this box to allow entrants to judge their own images. 
 +=== Notify Judges? === 
 +  * "​Yes"​ to send an email to each judge when judging opens for the event 
 +  * "​No"​ to prevent a notification message from being sent. 
 +  * "​Already Done" ​to mark the event as having notified the judges. This state is set automatically after notifications are sent. This state also allows notifications to new judges if any are added after the initial notification has been sent.
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