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 +======Judging Methods======
 +Several judging methods are available for online judging.
 +=====Exhibition Judging=====
 +This method allows each image to be awarded a number of points between the configured minimum and maximum. Judges may recuse themselves and disqualify images.
 +Images are ranked from 1 (First Place) to 4 (Honorable Mention). There can be no duplicate scores per judge.
 +This uses the glFusion rating stars to rate images from the minimum to maximum points (1 to 5 is recommended for the best layout).
 +Each judge simply votes for the best image, thus awarding a number of points to it.
 +This method is designed for the competition entrants to judge the images. Each judge awards a number of points to the images. A number may be used only once, and judges may select their own image as a reward for participating in the judging.
 +This is not a judging method, but allows judges to peruse images prior to judging. The use case may be where judging will be done in-person, say at a club meeting, and you'd like to allow the judges to familiarize themselves with the images beforehand.
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