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 +====== Bulk Imports ======
 +Entries can be imported into an event from a tab-separated text file or by creating records based on other events.
 +===== File Import =====
 +To import entries into an event from a text file, the event must be created and all the entrants must already exist as users in the site. You must also have the numerical IDs for the classes, divisions, and sections. This system does not import image files; the assumption is that the entrants will upload their images individually. The purpose of this import type is only to create image records from another entry registration system.
 +The file consists of one line per entry with no header line. Each field is separated by a tab character (0x08) and the line is terminated by a carriage return/​linefeed. The fields appear in this order:
 +  - The registered ID of this entry, obtained from the system used to register entries. Optional.
 +  - The site username of the exhibitor. Required.
 +  - The numeric ID of the event. Required.
 +  - Image Title. Optional
 +  - The numeric Class ID for the entry. Required.
 +  - The numeric Division ID for the entry. Required.
 +  - The numeric Section ID for the entry. Required.
 +  - The numeric Image Type identifier. Optional, defaults to "​1"​ (Digital).
 +  - Location where the image was taken. Optional.
 +Optional fields may be left empty, just just two consecutive <tab> characters. No other tabs are allowed in the text. A valid entry line would look like this:
 +<​code>​E123A4<​tab>​john<​tab>​127<​tab>​My Cat<​tab>​15<​tab>​2<​tab>​1<​tab>​2<​tab>​My House\n</​code>​
 +In this case the entry registration system has created entry "​E123A4"​ for the person with site username "​john"​. The event ID is 127 which is shown in the Bulk Import screen as well as the Event Administration screen. The title is "My Cat", the class is "​15"​ which could be "​Animals"​. The division ID is "​2",​ perhaps Amateur. The secion ID is "​1"​ indicating the default section. The Image Type of "​2"​ indicates that this is a Print entry and the location is "My House"​.
 +Another example for a similar entry, this time with some optional fields left out:
 +<​code><​tab><​tab>​john<​tab>​127<​tab>​My Dog<​tab>​15<​tab>​2<​tab>​1\n</​code>​
 +This time there is no registered entry ID, the entry will default to "​Digital"​ and there is no location given.
 +No checking is done to verify that a location is provided for classes that require one; that is up to the administrator.
 +===== Importing From Other Events =====
 +Entries can also be imported from previous events into a future event. Again, the event must be created first.
 +There are several options available:
 +|Select Destination|Select the specific destination event for the entry records. Only one can be selected.|
 +|Select Events|Select the events that contain the entries to be imported. Any number of events can be selected, or the selection can be left blank to include every event.|
 +|Select Exhibitors|Select the exhibitors to include, no selection indicates "​all"​. For convenience the exhibitor ID is shown along with the full name.|
 +|Select Awards|If entries should be imported based on their award, select one or more awards here. Leave blank to include all awards ane non-winners.|
 +|Affects Standings|Check if only events that affect competition standings, as set in the Event definition, should be included. This can be used to filter out casual critiques or exhibitions and include only competition entries.|
 +|Exhibitor ID|The Exhibitor ID can be used to filter out entries based on the exhibitor'​s ID. Indicate whether only entries where an exhibitor ID exists, does not exist, or contains some value will be included.|
 +|Image Type|Select the media types to be included. Default is "​all"​.|
 +|Upload Status|Select whether only complete entries, including uploaded images, should be included or whether all entries are included even if images are missing. Default is "​all"​.|
 +|Paid Status|Select whether only paid or unpaid entries should be included. Default is "​all"​.|
 +|Include entries not to be shown|Entries which have been excluded from display, but not disqualified,​ can be excluded from the import by unchecking this box.|
 +|Include disqualified entries|Check this box to include entries that were disqualified from their original event.|
 +An import can be performed more than once, for example to include entries based on more than one Exhibitor ID criteria.
 +This import creates new entry records that reference the original image. If the entry is later deleted for this event or the original event, the image is left alone. Only by deleting the only entry that references a specific image file can the image file be removed from the server.
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