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 +======Managing Entries======
 +All of the options available during submission are available to administrators by editing the entries. In addition, the following admin-only options can be used:
 +^Paid Status|Hover over the icon in the "​Paid"​ column to view fees and payments. Click the icon to add a payment amount.|
 +^Status|Hover over the icon in the "​Status"​ column to see an explanation of the status. Click the icon to update the moderation or disqualified status. This can also be changed by editing the entry.|
 +^Rotate Left \\ Rotate Right|Click either of the circular arrow icons to rotate the image to the left or right, in case it was uploaded with the wrong orientation.|
 +^Download|Click the down-arrow icon to download the original image.|
 +^Delete|Click the trash can icon to delete the entry. If the entry is pre-registered you'll be given the option to delete the entry record completely, or to only clear the image and leave the entry in place.|
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